About LHC Open Symphony

What is LHC Open Symphony?

LHC Open Symphony is about creating music from the microscopic world of particle physics. The technique used is called data sonification and it can be considered as a sonic way to look at numbers and data, using the ears to discover patterns and behaviours instead of the eyes.

Our aim is creating real entertainment, organise concerts, bridging scientists and musicians world, playing music coming from science.

How does the sonification process work?

Sonification works by attaching a musical note to each data. So, when you hear the resulting melody you really are hearing the data. Intervals between values in the original data set are mapped to interval between notes in the melody. The same numerical value was associated to the same note. As the values increased or decreased, the pitch of the notes grew or diminished accordingly.

In this way any regularity in the scientific data can be naturally mapped to the melody: if the data are periodic (they are marked by a repeated cycle) the sonification will be a music melody which will have the same periodicity and regularity

The team

The initiative is coordinated by Domenico Vicinanza of DANTE (the UK-based organisation that operates the GÉANT network on behalf of European national research and education networks (NRENs)), in collaboration with Mariapaola Sorrentino, Cambridge, who contributed to the sonification process and Giuseppe La Rocca from INFN Catania, responsible for the computing framework.


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